GREAT Britain

OK so I’m a hopeless romantic – I love all the pomp and circumstance associated with the upcoming  Royal Wedding.  I would love to be there on the parade route or better yet in Westminster Abby watching the fairytale wedding!!  As in the case of most of us, we will be relegated to watching news coverage on TV.   I identify with a couple facets of this scenario – first, Prince William is just a month older than my son, second, I followed Diana and Charles’ wedding, all of the gossip that surrounded it and the events thereafter.  I admire the young royals for being “real” and for making their lives and the upcoming ceremonies much more modern and realistic.  They seem so normal –  I love that about the young couple. It’s fascinating that they seem to be breaking with some tradition, but keeping many aspects of what is British and Royal. 

So in honor of the upcoming event  I decided to dust off some photos I took on a trip to Britain a few years ago. Here are some of my favorite shots.



Old Blackhorse Inn, Oxford

Chipping Camden

eye catching lamps in Bath


My ancestral home – Wales 
Stow In the Wold
The Royal Yacht

Best of luck, William and Kate.  I loved visiting the British Isles and hope to visit again.  I can’t wait for Friday!
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