Bodega Bay and the Birds

We just returned from the coast – actually Bodega Bay – where the fog rolled in and stayed all day.  Since it was 100+ degrees in the valley it was a welcome respite.

We stayed on Taylor St.  The same street that this shot in the movie “The Birds”  was filmed. You can see the house, the second on the right.  

We went on a quest to find some of the film sights…
The school

The church

And Hitchcock himself

A walk in the redwoods…

and lunch at a cafe with the specials written on the door
Great idea – don’t you think?
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One thought on “Bodega Bay and the Birds

  1. Cyndi – what a great place, one of my favorite movies!! Looks like its very pretty though too bad Rod Taylor wasn’t there (his younger self!!) – have a great week!