Tales of a Saturday Crafternoon Project

I’ve had this project in mind for awhile now. All the parts and pieces were here, I just never seemed to get around to putting it together.  Do you have projects like that?  Anyway… I finally got it together and here is the resulting project.

1) CD case that I picked up at my local Salvation Army store – $3.50
2) glass light covers – some of you might remember them from the 50s & 60s – I got them for 10 cents a piece at Habitat for Humanity
3) shank buttons from my stash
4) String of mini tree lights

I lined up the glass pieces and hot glued the glass in place at the corners

I threaded floral wire through the shanks of the buttons

It’s hard to see, but I threaded the wire through the center holes of each glass piece and twisted the wire around the bars of the case, behind the glass.

Here’s the result. The only thing left is to get into my Christmas boxes and find a string of mini tree lights, hook them onto the back and plug it in.
I’m giving it to either my son or daughter for their apartment, whichever one claims it first.

Now to be honest – this wasn’t my idea – the inspiration came from a designer showcase house a few years ago.  The spaces were created by local designers using repurposed items from thrift stores or yard sales.  Below was my inspiration…
What do you think? 

I’m glad that I found a stand that was the exact width of the glass so that I could use glue to hold the pieces in place (a case of good luck rather than good management).  Mine also hides the wiring in the back – yay – I like that.


PS. Ive been having so much fun connecting with other bloggers and their projects  you can go here and here to check out their blogs and creative ideas.

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