Conversation In the Pits

It was 1970 and conversation pits were everywhere.  I was smitten from the get-go…

Here is a better image…
Designed by architect Der Scutt; Photo by John Hill
I love the ready made seating they create – no need for extraneous furniture,
 but they do require a lot of space. They were all the rage in the 50s-70s. 

This is thought to be one of the first…created by Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard for the Miller House, Columbus, Indiana -1958. I love the bright pillows…

It was quickly copied by many and included in design magazines and books everywhere.  The image below was included in “The House Book” published in 1974.  It looks comfy with cushions abound…
 “The House Book” published 1974, p 206

This is another book from my library, circa 1980.  I love this glassed-in loggia that enhances the view while protecting the occupants.  The sleek multilevel seating is more shallow in depth but just as dramatic as the earlier versions. Chic, don’t you agree?

Design by Carla Venosta; Photo by Carla de Benedetti

Here’s one in retro colors and design – just right for lively conversation
In unusual shape surrounding a corner fireplace

Are they making a comeback?  I’m hoping so… like the one below? As was often the case historically,  the ‘pits’ often surrounded unique fireplaces that created the focal point of the room.
I’ve read that many original ‘pits’ were filled in through the years because of the space required and the potential hazards that they posed. I wonder how many still exist?   
Today however, we’re seeing a resurgence of conversation pits, not indoors, but in outdoor spaces…
Via A Room With A View

Lake House by John Robert Nilsson via Stumbleupon

Colorful bolsters add interest to this outdoor space.
I have been coveting a conversation pit ever since that first image, but alas, I’ve never had the space for one.  If you’re interest is piqued like mine was, take a look at all of the examples both old and new on Pinterest.  What do you think?  

As for me, I just might get my conversation pit yet albeit outside! Hmmm, I’m planning as we speak.

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