Aged To Perfection – What a Kitchen Design

Lately I can’t get enough of mixing in those rustic touches with more traditional design.

This kitchen blends both to perfection.  Metal countertops – a favorite of mine lately…and take a look at the siding used as a wall treatment!  Just lovely don’t you think?  

What is your favorite feature of this room?
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2 thoughts on “Aged To Perfection – What a Kitchen Design

  1. Oh, I love all the wooden features! And actually, never thought about a metal countertop but the idea is fab. Especially if it’s dark colored and not just this bleak steel you’d find in a restaurant’s kitchen. The kitchen above is great!


    • I had never experienced metal countertops until my first teaching assignment where the foods lab had stainless steel countertops – they were wonderful – the kids couldn’t hurt them…they could roll out dough, place hot pans on the surface, and if they cut on them the scratches just added to patina.