Enhancing Practical Things

I’m such a sucker for good design, wherever it is.  But when practical everyday items are enhanced with a little embellishment or are designed in a way that disguises their purpose even for just a moment, I’m all in.  

Recently I was struck by some otherwise plain, or in some cases eyesores, that were made a little or a lot more attractive. 

Take for instance utility boxes.  We have an ugly-but-utilitarian one in our neighborhood – plain green and an eyesore.  My kids used to play on it when they were little and dubbed it “the green monster.”  With a little imagination and paint it could have looked so much better.  Look at how a few boxes were enhanced, I’m guessing by the city. 

What about trash bins?  They definitely are an eyesore, but so necessary.

This one really takes the cake – no?  I loved the brass & copper fruit lying on top.

Outdoor patio heaters – utilitarian, but why not give it some style.

Street signs don’t have to be boring.

And then there’s the drinking fountain…I think this one is so much more attractive than the standard model.

Don’t you?

 And did you notice the trash bin in the background? 

The environment can be so much more pleasant when those necessary evils are made to be more attractive with a little bit of whimsy, artistry, or ingenuity. 

We are in the middle of Artoberfest here in Chico, are you?  It just fits in with the theme, don’t you think?
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6 thoughts on “Enhancing Practical Things

  1. Love these ideas and so inspiring to say the least to dress up boring things. I’m thinking to dress up my under the cabinet waste bins that are such a mess from overuse.