New Life For Barns

Original watercolor by my aunt – Leta Pighini

Barns…What do you think?  Would you live in one?

The recent demise of the little barn that my dad built has me waxing nostalgic about old barns.  A couple of weeks ago the mountains of Northern California had quite a wind event, toppling huge pine trees and causing lots of serious damage to property.  Fortunately no one was injured…but one of the casualties was our cute little barn that used to provide shelter for my 4-H livestock as well as their tack and feed.


When I saw the above photograph taken by a friend, I was devastated to say the least.  Lots of memories… playing hide and seek in the hay bales, early morning feeding of the cattle & horses, and the time I surprised a big ol’ owl sitting on the grain box…came flooding back.

So when The 2 Seasons featured a link to a company that restores old barns I was more than in heaven. Heritage Restorations not only restore barns – they do so much more – but you can discover that for yourself when you browse their website. If you like rustic or vintage industrial you are going to love it.

Now, take a look at a couple of my favorites.

This kitchen that The 2 Seasons featured on their blog grabbed my attention right away.


A bucket for a sink –  wow!

Colorado-Mountain-Home-1-950x633A barn turned into a ski chalet in Telluride, Colorado.  Rustic barn, Colorado mountains and skiing – what’s not to love.


This Art studio in Austin, Texas took my heart away.  I believe it was moved from its original location in New York State and reassembled in its current location. Perfect for an art studio, lots of light and space…kind of a country loft space don’t you think?


Now that’s quite a ceiling fan, no?


And check out the fun slide beside those rustic stairs!

I know that they’re not for everyone, but I love the rustic vibe to these barns…and the concept of them being reclaimed and restored is just another bonus in my mind.  Some purists don’t like the idea of the structures being moved to different locations, but I believe that if there’s a choice between moving and restoring an original building or having it disintegrate into the earth where it stands, I’d choose the relocation option.

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10 thoughts on “New Life For Barns

  1. I am no purist and boy oh boy, restoring barns and living in them is so popular now. Thanks for pointing out the bucket sink, as I did not see it. Diane Keaton on Pinterest is a huge Barn fan.

  2. I purchased a Leta Pighini acrylic painting at a Cancer Society Store in Eureka, CA. I love my barn painting and would like to know more about the artist. Thank you, Sharon

    • I’m so glad you love it. As you know from the post, she was my favorite aunt and a long time resident of Napa. Her specialty was watercolor and her favorite subjects were old buildings. She taught watercolor classes in Napa for years. If you take a picture and send it to me I’ll ask my cousins more of the details of your particular piece. You can e-mail me I hope this helps, and I can’t wait to see her painting.

  3. Hello! Love the new look that was chosen for the barn. Fabulous!
    The slide reminds me of the Google offices. 🙂
    Do you see many barns that have been remodeled with the Windmill Ceiling Fans?

  4. Hello Cindy, Ted here, from Phoenix. I spotted one of your aunt’s (Leta Pighini) barn paintings at a Goodwill, today. Dated 1958, which was 58 years ago. I don’t see a place here to show the photos, I took of it.