Cuba – My Experience: Part 2 -The Architecture

IMG_4409cuba2Cuba, are you planning to go?  Last week I wrote about our experiences when we visited a couple of years ago, here.  Travel restrictions seem to be easing a bit so Americans may find it easier to visit our island neighbor to the south very soon.



The people, the food, the traditions, and oh those cars… all an amazing experience.  But what struck me was the architecture. Wherever we travel I’m always interested in the architecture and design – Cuba was no exception.   All of those wonderful Classical and Art Deco buildings are now in a serious state of disrepair or worse…imploding.  We heard tales of buildings frequently collapsing from the years of neglect.  So sad.


Evidence of their once glorious facades is still there.  Some are slowly being repaired or painted…but slowly is the operative word here.



Loved the Deco lines of this building.


IMG_4228cuba IMG_4227cuba

Some buildings were in decent repair while others – just across the street were literally falling down.



I fell in love with the courtyards…and had more than one meal sitting among the plants being serenaded.

IMG_4250cuba IMG_4249cuba



I couldn’t resist this colorful peacock!


We took a short 10 minute drive out of Havana to tour Ernest Hemingway’s home.  I wrote a whole post about it here, if you’d like to see more.


His house was having a little work done, as you can see by the scaffolding.

Further out from the city on the coast, there are resort areas…we stayed in one – the experience wasn’t much different from the ‘all inclusive’ resorts we’ve experienced in Mexico.


Truth be known, we’d much rather experience the culture in more authentic surroundings than to be tucked into a resort that could be plopped down anywhere on earth.


  I would not want to miss scenes like this…

It was an incredible experience…as I’ve said over and over – I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Stop by later in the week for some furniture & vintage industrial inspiration.

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Cuba – My Experience: Part 2 -The Architecture

  1. Beautiful! My daughter says the buildings are in such bad shape due to both lack of funding and the salt air. I hope they will be able to preserve some of that amazing history. I can’t wait to go visit my daughter’s new in-laws…soon, hopefully. Thanks for sharing your photos, Cyndi!