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I’ve been getting the travel bug lately, so I thought I’d re-live our trip to Hong Kong and share it with you today.

A quick internet search brings up lots of suggestions for what to see and do in Hong Kong…and believe me there’s a lot.  With over 7 million people, the densely populated city   is bustling with activity.  There’s so much to take in – you can’t possibly do it all unless you stayed for weeks – Here’s what I found fascinating…


 City center is situated along Victoria Harbor with many of its residents living on the steep hills beyond and across the harbor in Kowloon. I took this picture as we were on our way to Kowloon.


The trip is amazing in the daylight, the skyline is so dramatic, but it’s a not to miss recommendation at night.  Every night there’s a laser show between buildings  across the water – incredible.  You want to be sure to be on the water when the show starts so you get the full effect of the light shooting from tower to tower.

I’m a lover of architecture and design, so my main focus is often on the buildings whenever I go to a new destination…Hong Kong was not disappointing!

asia 588diagonal asia 598elements1

The Bank of China tower is a study in glass, steel, and design… and isn’t this black and white building incredible?  We did take a ‘hop on hop off bus tour’ to get the lay of the land.  If you’re interested in architecture & history this is a great way to acclimate yourself to a new city.

IMG_2406hkAnother not to miss is a visit to the floating Jumbo Restaurant.  It’s located in Aberdeen harbor.  We took a sampan with this guy as our guide.  He made the trip extra fun.

PicMonkey Collagehk1He took us past luxury yachts as well as the famous floating village of Aberdeen Harbor.


Many of the inhabitants of these ‘homes’ are fishermen like these guys.  They were very prominent on the water.




Everywhere we looked there were apartment buildings that seemed to reach into the sky.  It doesn’t look like they have a lot of space – crowded living conditions to say the least.


Next to the sampan dock we discovered the Fish Marketing Organization’s Wholesalers Market.  Another not to miss experience!


It’s a non-profit marketing service for fishermen…

PicMonkey Collage hk

Never in my life have I encountered so many fish in containers.

Our hotel was in Happy Valley, an area known for high-end home furnishings and a short walk to the city center shopping district.  Heaven!


Speaking of shopping, you can’t visit Hong Kong without experiencing the open air food markets tucked away in alleys.



I’m so glad that I caught this rice delivery. With no access to the market stalls, much of the merchandise must be hand delivered.


This is a view of a market as we were riding the Central-Mid-Levels walkway. It’s the world’s longest covered escalator/walkway.  Since the city is so crowded and built on very steep terrain, many residents live in the hills above city center and must commute to work and back.  It’s a genius concept – during the morning ‘commute’ most of the escalators run from top to bottom, then are reversed for the ‘commute’ home.  Another not to miss in my book. 


Source   photo by zh FongCYu

Last but not least…you must make time to see the Big Buddha.  The long train ride and beautiful scenery we glided past on the gondola was well worth it.  As you can see it’s huge!



I was fascinated by this shrine in the Hall of Remembrance.IMG_2509hkI’m sure many travelers would have other recommendations.  My guy is a very picky eater, so I can’t include the cuisine… and as I mentioned, there is so much that we left unexplored.  The gem market, the view from Victoria Peak, and so much more will have to wait for another visit for us.

Asia was not on my top 5 places to travel, but when the Rugby group that we often travel with decided to go, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I’m so glad I did – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to visit Hong Kong, as well as Vietnam & Thailand. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but thoroughly enjoyed our three week tour.  I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.  Have you been to Hong Kong?  If not, I hope you get a chance to do so – it’s an amazing experience!


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  1. You have taken so many fabulous trips, Cyndi! I think it’s so great that you’ve been able to see so much of the world. I’m hoping to do much more traveling in the next few years.