Globally Inspired Home Part 2 – Make It Yours

Not to long ago I wrote about Pottery Barn’s new campaign – The Collected Home.  There’s lots of inspiration to get you headed for spring in their catalog and in their stores.


I just love all of the indigo blues that I spied in their catalog and in their store.

Their collection has a globally inspired theme – that got me thinking about our own home.  I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to visit several countries abroad, and each time I visited a new country I made sure to pick up something I could display in our home. Now these treasures have to fit into some parameters -not only do they have to be affordable, but  they have to be packable (small enough to fit into my suitcase (which is usually a carry-on), they have to fit into our decor, and (of course) we have to love it – art is so personal isn’t it?

Here are some of our two-dimensional ‘finds.’

world 3

This is a pen & ink piece depicting English Bay, Vancouver, BC – My husband’s home town.

world 2

Here are two prints of watercolor paintings – the top is a signed & numbered print from Baja, Mexico.  I liked this, first because of the composition, colors, & watercolor medium; second because it reminded me of great times with friends; and third because it holds special significance -you may not be able to read it but the sign says “La Fonda, Restaurant & Bar – that was the name of a restaurant here in Chico when I was going to school. The restaurant is long gone, but I have fond memories of spending many a special evening there.

The bottom is a poster that we brought back from a rugby tournament in Catalina.  Again it reminds us of fun times, it’s a watercolor, and it’s painted in the right colors.  I immediately had them framed when I returned home.  We have a great frame shop here in town that I love to use – actually the owner and I went to college together.


IMG_3277africa photo

Both of these pieces are more textural and purchased from street artists.  I love to support local artists when I can. The top piece is an ink block print on hand made paper from Thailand.  The bottom piece is painted directly onto fabric from Cape Town, South Africa.

world 4

Now this little guy, is from Turks and Caicos.  Again it’s watercolor – my favorite medium – and the bonus is that it’s a print from an original watercolor, made into an oversized postcard – VERY AFFORDABLE, and easy to tuck into that suitcase.

The point is that all of these pieces are inexpensive (except for the signed & numbered piece from Mexico), easy to pack (I roll the larger pieces into a mailing tube), and are such wonderful reminders of our adventures.

Even if your travels take you only a short distance from home, I bet you have some special memories that could be captured by picking up an artistic postcard, or inexpensive print. I often frame my own pieces. I purchase frames on sale or with coupon discounts from the craft store, then get them to cut mat board to fit.

As I said before, art is so personal – you either love it, or…not so much. Of course, I could purchase beautiful pieces from retail stores that would fit into our home, but I chose to hang pieces that not only coordinate with our space, but hold special meaning. I guess you could say I’m curating a collected home, one where we’re surrounded with lots of wonderful memories. Perhaps you can too!

Until next time…


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4 thoughts on “Globally Inspired Home Part 2 – Make It Yours

  1. My sister gets tired of art and puts photographs of the family on her walls in a fancy way which works great. Me, I like both photographs and art. Your elephant reminds me of my Dad who collected them and I like your vacation prints a lot.

  2. I love your art collection, Cyndi. I am envious of your travels and think it’s great that you have art to remind you of good times. I, too, like to frame my own art most of the time to save money.

    • I agree Julie, when I was teaching I had access to a really nice mat cutter, but now I have to rely on the frame shop to cut them for me.