Jeans After 50 – Do We Dare Wear Them?

Have you seen the articles about not wearing jeans over the age of 50? Are you kidding me???? Apparently there’s a recent British study that claims that those over the age of 52 should skip the jeans. What???

SusanAfter60 blogged about it a couple of months ago. Many news sources weighed in as well, Huffington Post, the Today Show, The Daily Mail to name a few? They all seemed to be as puzzled as I was. We Baby Boomers were the ones to begin to wear them in droves. Graduating high school in the late 60s, I remember admiring the teenagers’ rolled cuff versions a decade before me – James Dean and the movie Grease are perfect examples. I remember going to the ArmyNavy store to buy my first pair. Back then there weren’t jeans for men and women, we bought them according to waist and inseam, much like the Gap does today.


And speaking of the 60s/70s, many of a ‘certain age’ may remember wearing a version of those moccasins and carrying a similar fringed suede purse. Ahem – my mocs were moss green and I wore them to my college classes rain or shine. They were so comfy, but they didn’t do well in wet weather. Many a day I returned home with soaked feet. Did that stop me?  No, I was a slave to fashion.

I digress… back to the jeans controversy. Yesterday, I did a deep edit of my closet, and afterward  I counted 10 pair of various washes and leg styles. Do I wear all of them? Most of them depending on my shoes and top selection, and of course my mood. I do have favorites, but most of them get worn at least once a month or so.

I have several brands, but I have to tell you, Levis are still front and center in my wardrobe. They are certainly well loved by me.

I’m so glad that todays jeans have some amount of stretch, so much more comfortable than the original 501’s that I bought many many years ago.

I still haven’t figured out why women over 50 – actually 52 – should stop wearing jeans. Maybe you have some insight. If you do I’d love to know, because I’ve been wearing them all of my adult life, and I have a feeling that this Baby Boomer will be wearing hers for a long time to come.

How about you?

Until next time…


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6 thoughts on “Jeans After 50 – Do We Dare Wear Them?

  1. I’m with you, Cyndi. I can’t imagine not wearing jeans. I feel like they are a weekend staple. I realize that women now wear leggings a lot, but I just can’t get comfortable with them. Maybe those of us over 50 are supposed to be wearing skirts or dress pants? But you’ll be seeing me in my comfy jeans with the bit of stretch, like you mentioned ?

    • Julie, I’m most comfortable in my jeans. I do wear leggings too, and yoga pants. Now that I’m retired my dressier pants just hang in my closet. I guess I’ve morphed into comfort. I do love my leggings and tunics too.

  2. While I have jeans, and do wear them, I’ve never been a real fan! Even “back in the day” I just didn’t wear them much except for gardening or being outside. I think they felt sloppy and not really dressed to me. Even now I wear them maybe twice a week. My favorite, hands down, is from The Loft. Yes, daughter put me on to them and I love them. Have one pair (that’s it for denim jeans for me!) and one pair of white. Now leggings: yes indeed! Love love them, in black and gray.

    • I like my Loft jeans as well (actually I have three pair of them). I’m so glad that the ‘rise’ is coming up to a more reasonable length. I guess I should have included leggings as well. They are so comfy aren’t they? They’re so easy to pack and wear while traveling too. Now that I’m retired, leggings, yoga pants, and jeans are my staples.

  3. I saw the talking heads on good morning America discussing no Levi’s jeans after 52 years old. I am continuing to wear mine daily in protest. Not letting the great they define me. No elastic waist band pants for me. Or maybe they would prefer we wear hot pants which we defined as well.

    • Hot pants – Teddy, that’s funny…can you imagine? I’m glad you’re wearing your jeans. I read a lot of articles, and it seems that the study really focused on the fact that after a ‘certain age’ we had to try on so many pair. I don’t remember having that frustrating of an experience. My 30 something tries on just as many as I do. Haha