Just Breathe

Do you enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee, cookies in the oven, or how about a scented candle?

I do too. I also love the smell of the first rain and enjoy fresh air coming through the open windows on a warm spring day. However, we’re in the middle of winter, and a very cold and wet one at that. Our homes are constantly closed to fresh air, with lots of trapped odors. I remember a commercial when I was young where a neighbor stopped by to visit a newlywed and exclaimed, “Fried fish again dear?” I think it was an commercial for air freshener. Our exhaust systems have improved a lot since than, but the fact remains, at this time of year we often need to manage those pesky smells. How do YOU do that?

Myself, I prefer scented candles. This one I picked up at World Market. As you can see, it sits on my kitchen counter.

Pier 1 is another one of my favorite sources for candles. The scent seems be long lasting and there’s lots of colors to choose from.

Since we use an artificial tree, this candle helped make our living room smell like pine. It was wonderful during the holidays, and we are still burning it during these cold winter months. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably know that I’m a mountain girl, so the scent of fresh pine reminds me of home.

I seem to have a sensitive nose when it comes to sent. I’m allergic to many florals, unfortunately. As soon as I walk into a flower shop, I start to sneeze.  Now that doesn’t seem to be the case when I walk by a flower stand, or stop to smell a rose, lavender bush, or gardenia. Perhaps it’s because the smell is so intense in the enclosed space.

My favorite perfumes and colognes lean toward clean vanilla and citrus. This also translates to the candles and potpourri in our home.

This is a favorite potpourri container that I picked up years ago during an art conference in Palm Springs. It’s actually an old oil can, up-cycled and artfully cut into native designs.

This diffuser is left over from the holidays, and I still love the way it sends cinnamon scents into the air. I think the red is very fitting for Valentine’s day, don’t you.

My husband still likes his salmon and I still love to cook with LOTS of garlic, so we’re thankful for our scented candles, et al to combat the stuffiness this winter.

 What are your remedies? I’d love to know.

Until next time…


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4 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. Scented candles (and soaps) are some of my favorite things. I agree about the pine scented candles at holiday time now that so many of us have artificial trees. That smell brings back memories of the fresh Christmas trees from childhood. I’m a big fan of Crabtree & Evelyn products; and my current favorite candle is the Volcano scent from Anthropologie, which is what they burn in their stores. Haha, I got a little carried away on this response!

  2. Love your candles and now you make me want to go to Pier One and buy one. I do have a few. I am sensitive with perfume and cologne scents too. Musk is good and Happy by Clinique is a light springy summer scent I now use too. Love all your candles and ideas for making a home smell nice. Oh that garlic does it every time, but love to eat it. Happy Valentines Day