I Hate It When This Happens – Computers!

I was finally getting back into my blogging groove, when suddenly my computer got very sick 😷. Ugh…I hate it when this happens. I do most of my blogging from my computer. I don’t have a keyboard for my iPad, so I would much rather write e-mails and blog posts on my laptop, it’s just so much easier. But let’s look on the bright side & make the best of the situation. At least I have my iPad, right?

It’s Friday, the sun is out, and it’s not hot nor cold. Perfect to plan a special time to honor your mom! What will you be doing?

Helping her in the garden?

Taking a short road trip? I always love to see new artworks & installations.

Taking her for a hike?

Taking her out for brunch?

Or a drink?

Whatever you do, let her know how special she is to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. The most simple and heartfelt is best.

As for me, I’ll be hosting a buffet here. We’ll get together after my youngest gets back from a weekend away.

Meawhile, I’ll be enjoying this guy, until his ‘mom’ gets home.


Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. How are you celebrating?

Until next time…


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One thought on “I Hate It When This Happens – Computers!

  1. Ugh, technology. Hope your computer issues will be fixed soon. I’m taking a “fancy” picnic to my mom – fruit, cheeses, etc. It’s supposed to be nice weather here, so we’ll eat in the park.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Cyndi!

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