Life Lessons – 4 Things I’ve Learned

I’m a firm believer in the  “everything happens for a reason” philosophy. Now in our case, I wouldn’t wish what happened in our family to anyone anywhere.

If you follow my personal Facebook page or Instagram, you might know that my daughter had emergency surgery three weeks ago. It was unexpected, and it turned our lives upside down, but our stressful emergency definitely has had some surprising silver linings

1) Quick and easy Easter dinner: After spending a week in the hospital, my youngest was released the day before Easter. Since I stayed with her and her little bulldog, 80 miles away from our home, I didn’t have much time to get our traditional family dinner together. She was also on a restricted diet – soft bland foods – so what to make? I opted for a simple menu, quiche, green salad, and vanilla bean ice cream.So easy to shop for and make. My husband had the ingredients ready when we got home & I had several variations of quiche ready for an early Sunday afternoon meal. (I didn’t get any pictures, it was a pretty hectic day.)

2) Melvin becoming housebroken: Her little English Bulldog puppy was just getting adjusted to his new life and his new mommy. but hadn’t quite gotten the hang of going potty outside. I have to say that he was pretty good about using his puppy pads – since she lives in a third story apartment, it’s a little hard to get him down the stairs. However, since being at our house with easy access to the back yard, he is now completely housebroken. Yay, yay, yay.

3) Organizing:  She’s had a lot on her plate. Lately she has been crazy busy working and raising her new little puppy, so this mandatory time-off has given her the opportunity to regroup and get organized once again.

4) Bonding/re-bonding: You know the old saying, “you can never go home again?” As many of us know once you are ‘launched’ it’s never quite the same when you go home to spend significant time there. It’s much better to have short visits, but this was a three week stint, and I’m happy to say we survived the time relatively unscathed. It was definitely a Mom/daughter bonding experience. An early Mother’s Day ‘gift’ as it were. We had many heart to hearts and movie nights during her time here.

These may seem like insignificant things on the surface, but in my mind, you can look at the glass as half full or half empty. Either way it’s a glass of water – it’s all in YOUR perspective. So when life deals you a blow, you can either wallow in your problems or seek out some positive aspects to the situation. Either way you have to deal with it, right? I believe we grow from these adverse experiences,  and ultimately I think it takes less energy to look on the bright side.

Yesterday, she went back to her apartment, it was a bittersweet moment. I loved having her here, but I’m sure she’ll tell you, it was time for her to go back to her own home and her independent life. It’s been strangely quiet here without her and her Melvin. As for me I’m back to my routines but looking forward to their next visit. Next time under much better circumstances!

Happy May Day everyone!

Until next time…



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4 thoughts on “Life Lessons – 4 Things I’ve Learned

  1. Oh Cyndi, I do hope that the health problem got all fixed. These times are always so scary and make you realise what truly matters. She’s lucky to have such a great mum to look out for her. M xx

    • Thanks Mel, It was quite a journey and a good wake up call – you just never know what life is going to throw at you. She is on the mend and back at work a few hours a day this week. Hugs to you.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful, Cyndi. Thank goodness the worst parts are behind you now. I’m glad you found so many silver linings in this situation. And there is nothing better than quality Mom/Daughter time with long talks 🙂