A New Sofa – A New Look

We got a new sofa and I’m beyond excited. It is absolutely wonderful, exactly what I had envisioned.

I had been unhappy with our living room furniture and arrangement for quite some time now. Fifteen years and several furniture pieces later, I think I’m finally on the right track. It’s a tricky space, very narrow -10 feet – and  since it opens to the kitchen, there’s only one logical place to put the TV, and that’s on the opposite wall.  To make the space even more narrow,  behind the sofa we have cupboards which I need to access often.

The fireplace at one end of the narrow room is another element that needs to be considered when arranging the furniture. We tried a 60 inch sofa which was flexible in the fact that I could move it around the room, but it just never felt right. It was too small for adequate seating, and although I loved the style, I was never enamored with its scale. It felt too tall for the overall length, and it just didn’t work against the cupboards or in any other place in the room, for that matter.  And the fabric that I chose…don’t get me started.

We do like the chairs however, we are both short in stature and they fit us to a T.

We lived with this configuration for several years. It worked for the two of us, but again, there was never enough seating when we had guests. In reality, that chaise only seats one person.

We missed sitting together when we wanted to watch movies, and what’s more, with all the separate pieces it didn’t feel cohesive. So I casually began looking for a sofa. I loved my chaise, but it wasn’t practical as a stand alone piece. So I began to consider a sofa with built in chaise. I’m one who likes to rearrange furniture, but I knew if I got a large sofa, I would be limited to leaving the sofa on the long wall opposite the TV. What’s more, if a chaise was connected to one end of the sofa, it would limit the flexibility even more.


I was browsing one of our local design shops Nantucket Home when I found it – I fell in love immediately. The wooden frame, the loose pillow back, the solid bench seat and separate ottoman…it had me at hello. It’s from Lee Industries – solid construction with comfy down cushions. This will be our forever sofa.

I can move the ottoman to create a chaise on either end of the sofa, or when we want to watch a movie, we can position it in the middle for both of us to enjoy. It can also be separated from the sofa to double as a coffee table. When we have a lot of family and guests over, it can become an alternate seating surface.

Being very light in color I chose to use a couple of Pottery Barn pillow covers to protect the arms. They’re just the thing for the summer months. I’ll have to search for others as the seasons change.

 You may be able to tell that I opted for slip covers.  I love the casual slightly messy feel of the sofa, as opposed to the tightly stretched upholstered look. Another bonus, I can remove and launder those covers when needed. If we tire of this look or the covers become damaged, a new slipcovers are all that’s needed.

Here’s a closeup of the fabric, it’s a very subtle herringbone pattern in a durable Sunbrella fabric.Since its an indoor/outdoor fabric I feet that it’s very practical for the light color.

I also picked up three down filled pillows that are so comfy and they coordinate perfectly with the floral patterns that I added on the arms

 I’m loving our new sofa, and the mister, although reluctant at first, admitted it was a good purchase.

A winner all around in my book.

Until next time…


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4 thoughts on “A New Sofa – A New Look

  1. I love your new sofa and ottoman very much. I bought an Ikea chair and ottoman that look a bit like your sofa. Our Ikea chair looks more comfortable than it actually is though.

    • Thanks Sue, I love them too. I was tempted to shop the nearest Ikea, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn (80 miles away), but the mister likes to sit in the furniture first…and getting him to go shopping especially for furniture is a chore. I also like to shop locally. All that said, our local store was having a sale and the cost was comparable to the chain stores plus delivery. I’m a happy camper.

  2. That is a great sofa style, Cyndi. The lines are adaptable to so many design styles. It will be a nice long-term piece for you. I wish we had slipcovers sometimes – especially with dogs (insert eye roll here, haha)