Puppy Update – The Best Excuse For Posting Late

Once again I’m posting a day late, and It’s all because of this guy!

Wow, I haven’t had a dog in my life fore 35 years, and I had forgotten how time consuming it is to live with a puppy. As many of you that are puppy parents know, it’s intense!!!  So although I had all intensions on working on some posts, it didn’t happen, since I was puppy sitting for my youngest who was off to Tahoe for the weekend.

He is certainly a bundle of energy…but his teeth aren’t nearly as sharp and he doesn’t bite toes as much as he used to. He’s learning.

We got to explore the lake…

take naps…

and hang out in the back yard. Our big back yard is his favorite place to be when he comes to visit. The only bad thing is it’s not fenced and he is still getting the hang of responding to commands. Our back yard opens into a common area that leads to a playground and grass area, so as you can imagine, he’s more than curious about all the activity going on there. It’s a constant vigil.

He follows me everywhere. His two favorite spots are the window seat and my new sofa, which as you may notice, I’ve thoroughly protected.

We just discovered he’s a unique bulldog breed – an Olde English Bulldogge. English Bulldogs are notorious for having a plethora of health problems, but this breed has been bred to have improved many of them. They are a little bigger and more athletic than we had anticipated, and it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he may not shed as much, snore as much, and live a little longer than the standard English Bully.

When’s the next game? I’m ready#visualsoflife #warriors #bullysofinstagram #bulldog #bulldoglife #bulldogs

 The best thing is I’m going to have lots of opportunities to puppy sit this summer. It will be a fun experience to watch him grow.

Until next time…


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