Glamping – Is It For You?

I wrote my first post about Glamping a few years ago. At that time, Glamping was a new concept that I had read about in Sunset Magazine. Since then, the once novel notion has exploded into a huge industry. It’s mid summer and the height of camping season, so lets explore.

A quick Google search will land you on a plethora of sites, Each state seems to have their own unique set of Glamping spots that are unique to the region and clientele.

There’s the cabins in the Grand Teton’s, Wyoming – built for near year round enjoyment.


The Paws Up Resort in Montana offers several configurations of the “tent-rooms.” I’m sure you could find one to match your family size and needs. These are truly luxury accommodations set in plein air structures.

Many offer ensuite baths. Does this look like it is in a tent?

This safari style tent is located near White River National Forest, Colorado.

At Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport Main, you can choose from select Glamping sites that have been curated by New England interior designers. Take a look at the article featured in a recent issue of Boston Magazine. I think I could be pretty comfy in any one of them, but this one is my favorite. I think it’s because it juxtaposes mid century lines with nature and the outdoors. Interesting – no?

Entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon, offering pre-made Glamping tents and accessories…


to companies offering pop-up services to accommodate venues for weddings, concerts and other outdoor events. Wow, right?


It may be a fun adventure, however, I’m not much of a camper. You might talk me into spending a few nights in a motor home or tow trailer, but this might just be too much blending of nature and comfort for me. I love the idea of sitting on those platforms, sipping a cup of coffee or having a glass of wine, and those cushy beds would be much preferred to a sleeping bag and air mattress. But what about all the critters that might want to share those comfy accommodations with the occupants. One sign of a snake or a bear and I would be outta there. You?

So if you are up for a little camping, or Glamping, check out some of the offerings near you. Some are uber expensive, but others are very reasonable. You just might be surprised.

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4 thoughts on “Glamping – Is It For You?

  1. You taught me something. I thought glamping was just with cute glamp-style motorhomes. I’d go for the New England stye as well. We used to camp a lot when I was younger. And like you say critters sometimes want to join you like the night my Mom woke me up in terror as she said a raccoon was in the tent and we all scrambled out except one sister who did not get the message and was mad we left her there defenseless. Every man for himself when it comes to animals in the tent. Noone was hurt. Mr. Raccoon was interested in the cooler and they have very clever fingers-LOL

    • Sue, isn’t the New England camp cute? While camping in Canada, we had a bear in our camp, right next to our tent helping himself to the food in our cooler. Raccoons are interesting, we have them around here. I heard noises like doves after dark one night and found little babies right outside our bedroom window – very cute, at that age….I don’t want an adult in my space – they can be so mean. I’m not a camper anymore – motorhomes, trailers might be doable – at least I wouldn’t have to unpack every night!

  2. I’m totally with you, Cyndi. Camping is not my cup of tea, although glamping is a bit more appealing. But those creatures you mentioned, along with bugs and spiders, should not be sleeping anywhere near me! I’ll just admit that I am a bit of a diva and prefer my boutique hotels any day of the week 😉

    • I’m with you sista! The Mr and I occasionally toss around the idea of renting a motorhome and taking a road trip. We like the idea of being able to cook our own meals – cheaper, more nutritional, and for my picky husband, more palatable. We don’t like the awkwardness of either towing a trailer or having a behemoth to drive around. Then there’s the gas… We never get past the discussion. Lol