It’s Summer and the Mountains Are Calling

Many of you know that I’m a mountain girl at heart. If I have to choose a vacation at the beach or the mountains, it’s the mountains every time. So I was one happy camper, actually happy vacationer last weekend when I attended a conference with my daughter. It was held at the village in Squaw Valley. I know, hard to take, right?

We had a one bedroom suite that overlooked the village. Starbucks was just steps away, and at night the fire pits were alight with flame. This is our view from the balcony!

I didn’t get pictures of the room because we brought along 4 teenagers and they got to the room first. You know what that means…their backpacks & belongings were strewn everywhere before I could get organized to snap any pics. I did however, snap a couple of pictures with these two while we strolled around the village one evening.

Oh and we might have grabbed some Gelato here.

Years ago my daughter managed a store here in the village, and oddly enough, the conference welcome reception as well as some of the workshops were held in the space that housed that store. It was very strange to see it transformed.

My son also lived and worked in Tahoe for several years. He was a recreation major in college, and managing this ropes course was one of his jobs. Oh to be young and carefree with a fun summer job! 

The highlight for me however, was just being in the mountains, among the pine trees and pure gentle streams.

The ski runs look so different covered in grass instead of snow.

And speaking of snow, they are still skiing up top. Can you imagine? Ski for awhile, then head to the pool? Not bad! There are only a couple ways to get up there in the summer though – either hike or hop aboard the tram, which is not for the faint of heart. I’m afraid of heights, so it was all I could do to stand in the middle of the car and close my eyes – hence no awesome pictures from the journey up or down.

Back on solid ground, I managed to snap some summer scenes and decor in the village.

It was a working vacation for my daughter, but for me, having retired 5 years ago, it was more relaxing. It did feel odd while attending the sessions, to know that even though they were important and informative, I felt no obligation to take copious notes or relate the information to my classroom.

What a wonderful weekend, spending time with my oldest and her kids. For me, it was a perfect getaway.

Until next time…


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9 thoughts on “It’s Summer and the Mountains Are Calling

  1. What gorgeous scenery! It really reminds me of the Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, where my daughter has spent many summers at ballet camp, as a student, then counselor, then teacher. We were there a number of summers. I can relate to your thoughts about the tram – yikes! I’m glad you got to relax this trip and that you weren’t “on duty.”

    • Oh Taos – that’s on my bucket list. What an idyllic place to attend a ballet camp! Your daughter sounds so talented. It must be so wonderful to watch her dance! I remember going to cheerleading camp at Squaw Valley in high school. It was so cool!

      • Taos is cool – you should go! Native American history mixed with touristy spots, art, culture and quaint little pockets of charm! The ski valley is just up the mountain – not as much to do there, but the scenery is gorgeous so it’s great for hiking, horseback riding, etc. Of course there’s skiing in the winter, but I prefer visiting during the summer, and it’s cheaper!

  2. I liked seeing the photos. The only mountains I’ve seen are from a ski trip to the Summit in Colorado. I think I’d be super nervous in a tram too.

  3. Squaw Valley…well, I haven’t been there since I lived in San Francisco back in the 70’s. And only saw it in winter. What a great place to ski it was….but this looks equally wonderful. I’m really a beach and ocean girl despite the fact that we went to the lakes and mountains of Maine very summer when I was growing up.

    • Libby, it’s amazing how much it’s changed since the 60s & 70s. The village that they’ve built is wonderful and has so many amenities and cute shops. However, I still miss the skating rink that used to be at the bottom of the hill. I think the first time I saw the beach, was when I was in 8th grade, so it was never a draw for me, but I really enjoyed visiting the beaches in Florida and South Carolina.