Are We Finally Over Rustic and Farmhouse Styles?

You have to have been living under a rock not to notice the rustic and farmhouse interior styles. It’s been everywhere. I haven’t been able to walk into an interior store without bumping into rusted buckets, chickenwire baskets and weathered wood. It looks like that decorating trend might just be on the wane. A recent study as reported in Domino shows some interesting statistics.

Lots of folks seem to interested in Victorian design. Who would have thought? Now, it’s not what you might think. You may conjure up images of dark front parlors laden with velvets and heavy brocades. No, no.


The Modern Victorian style highlights those very cool architectural features, by brightening up the walls and then mixing furniture styles to bring those interior spaces into the 21st century.  Below, the architectural features have been painted in sharp contrasting colors.


Boho is still surging, think of the wonderful 70s – those carefree hippy days of flower power. Think plants, prints and texture…the more the merrier. I remember beads covering our doorways, and making macrame plant hangers, woven wall hangings.


According to the article, industrial and contemporary are still holding their own.


Mid century modern of Mad Men fame seems to be losing steam. Darn, this style is a personal favorite of mine.

The biggest surprise for me was the forecast for the farmhouse and rustic styles. If you go to the graphic published by Domino you’ll notice that only Utah seems to still be smitten by farmhouse, while rustic design is conspicuously absent.

Although I still love the clean lines of industrial mixed with wood and brick, I’m kind of excited to bring some new styles into the mix. How about you? What style or styles are you smitten with at the moment?

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