Whether It’s a Gym or a Guest House – It’s Amazing.

The extra room slash guest house slash gym is finished. I wish I could say it was ours, but it belongs to our good friends who live in the San Diego area. It’s a multi-functional room that serves as a gym/studio for the fitness trainer in the family, as well as a guest house. It’s pretty amazing. Let’s take a look at some of the amenities.

This is a view of the loft living area from the staircase landing. Open and airy, I love the wooden ceiling, window casings and beam all stained in a natural color. The matte finished wooden floor has warm tones that marry the color of the wall with the ceiling & other wood in the room. The loft is open to below just beyond the foreground of this photo and guarded by an iron railing.

That generous sofa is a sleeper unit that can accommodate extra guests if necessary. On the wall to the left of the sofa is a large flatscreen TV – perfect for movies or gaming. The windows are waiting for custom shades that could be used to darken the room for better TV viewing or for privacy at night. Although privacy is hardly necessary, since just outside is a hillside at the back of the property.

To the immediate left of this photo is the bedroom area, currently awaiting a custom platform bed. You can see the wooden flooring better in this shot. Don’t you just love all of the tones mixed together?

That window opens to the kitchen below. Imagine the smell of coffee wafting up in the morning!

OK, let’s go downstairs. I’ve always been a sucker for circular stairs, these, featuring diamond plate treads and iron railings, are no exception.

Notice that little corner cabinet? It’s actually the end of the upper run of cabinets in the kitchen, but they decided to use it in this space instead.

If you look closely, you can see a piece of gym equipment just in front of those French doors. Most of the bottom floor is dedicated to the gym area. It’s outfitted with lots of necessary equipment, all set on a rubber floor.

Here’s the kitchen area viewed from the first floor landing. It has all the amenities and then some. I just love the open shelving that they included.

The backsplash isn’t your usual subway tile. It has some dimension. It’s “wavy.” You can see the detail better in its aqua color-way used in the bathrooms. I like the added layer of texture it provides. It’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

The floor color contains a lot more aqua than this photo shows. It really blends the marine blues with the neutrals found in the rest of the space.

There’s a half bath upstairs that I didn’t get a shot of, but it uses the same materials.

Keep in mind, this guesthouse is located in the San Diego area. I think it harkens the vibes of the nearby marina/beach, while including just the slightest hint of the Spanish style architectural details so popular here.

So what do you think? We’re ready to downsize and move in.

Until next time…


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4 thoughts on “Whether It’s a Gym or a Guest House – It’s Amazing.

  1. Amazing and wonderful bathroom wavy tile. That alone makes me want to live there and I do just love the wooden floor. The whole unit is really nice so yes do move in and the sleeping area with the platform bed looks like it is going to be so cozy. Drooling.

  2. I am also a fan of the tile and the gorgeous use of wood on the floors and ceiling. But what I love the most about this guest house is the marine feel without going over the top. So often, there is a bit too much “theme” for me, but this is done so tastefully. Very nice!