Bathtub in the Bedroom- What Do You Think?

Have you ever experienced a bathtub located in the bedroom? I mean directly inside the bedroom. We did a few years ago when we traveled to South Africa. We stayed in a darling hotel in Hazyview, SA just outside Krugar National Park. It’s where we stayed for a couple of days when we were lucky enough to go on safari. Our room was located up this circular stairway that leads to the crows nest.

Come on in to our room…just beyond that door. BTW – isn’t that mask sculpture cool?

Taa daa – here it is. We were pleasantly surprised at the design of our room – or at least I was, my husband isn’t too interested in interior design, as long as the space is functional it’s OK with him. But seriously, how cute is this? A pedal sewing machine cabinet is repurposed into the pedestal sink, and the commode is hidden away in the galvanized metal enclosure. And then there’s the tub, right there in the bedroom. Some might object, but we really didn’t mind. The only drawback for us was that there was no shower, just a hand-held shower-head. It was a little awkward to use without getting water everywhere.

It was quite an experience in more ways than one…our crows nest room, the monkeys hopping all over our roof in the middle of the night, and of course the incredible safari.

OK, now let me take you to another bedroom that includes a bathtub. Isn’t this dreamlike? I’m not sure what I love more, the ethereal light shining through those windows, the comfy looking bed, or that luxurious clawfoot tub.


Looks like this tub also includes a hand-held shower.


But surprise, this isn’t a functional apartment at all, it’s actually a vignette in a concept store, located in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. The whole store is set up to resemble an apartment. Sort of a very upscale IKEA. What a unique idea. This exclusive store is called “The Apartment by The Line” and if you go to their website you’ll see that it’s been completely transformed into another unique vignette.

Our safari was years ago, but it’s funny, as soon as I stumbled upon these gorgeous photos, I was immediately  transported back to our our quaint little room in South Africa,

Now, back to my original question. Have you ever experienced a bathtub located a bedroom? Or more importantly, would you ever consider including one in your next master bedroom design?

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