Just A Little Touch of Fall

The official beginning of fall is September 22, and even though I’m deep in the throws of vacation planning and packing I wanted to make sure I dedicated a little time to giving a nod to the new season. I didn’t do a lot this year, just a suggestion here and there. It was so easy, the most time was spent putting together this flower arrangement.

You might remember my post about the new purple being introduced this year,, here. It didn’t take much to replace the dogwood and pussy willows with neutral leaves and bare branches. I wanted to keep the dried hydrangeas that add just that touch of plum.

A few pumpkins and pheasant feathers grace our dining room…

and here.

Fall would not be complete without velvet pumpkins. I got these last year, and I’m so glad that they are still trending. I chose neutral grays, but they are available in so many gorgeous colors.

The front door got a little redo too. I found that mixed metal pumpkin a couple of years ago while on our annual Soroptimist retreat. You just never know where you might find something interesting, no? I mixed it with that piece of wood salvaged from an hold  barn from my childhood home, a lantern from Pier 1, and a pinecone from our yard.

I just couldn’t go off on a three week vacation and leave our home looking like we were still in mid summer. I needed something quick and easy. I didn’t have a lot of time but, using items that I already had on hand, this transformation was effortless.

Speaking of vacation, we’re off to France so I’m going to take a little break from the blog. I plan on taking lots of photos and will be posting on my Instagram and Facebook. I’d love it if you follow our adventures.

Until next time…


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2 thoughts on “Just A Little Touch of Fall

  1. Everything looks really pretty, Cyndi. I love your neutral-colored velvet pumpkins! And the arrangement you put together is gorgeous in its simplicity. I also prefer just a hint of seasonal decor.