Purple…It’s Back and I’m So Glad

Periwinkle, plum, mauve, fig are only a few of the new shades of purple on the new color radar this fall. It’s no secret that purple is my favorite color (I had a purple car in college), so I was delighted when I picked up the September issue of House Beautiful and was met with a sea of purple pages.


It’s almost harvest time in the vineyards & pumpkin patches so what better time to add grape and olive hues to our fall designs.


I’m planning to join the trend, it is my favorite color palette after all. I’m going to use it to punch up my decor this fall. The photo below is my inspiration. Our main living space uses tones and accents similar to what you see here.


I deliberately created a neutral color palette for our home, one that could serve as a base to which I could easily add a few pops of color – pillows on the sofa, scattered accessories, and flower arrangements on the dining room table. As I started to assess what we already possess – guess what? I’m not going to have to purchase many pieces.

The dried hydrangeas will make their way into a new fall arrangement.

This kidney shaped footstool that I had recovered years ago will definitely be included.

I’ll pull this scatter rug in from our master bedroom and use it in the entry.

I can certainly use these, on table, trays.

Now that Labor Day is here, and that’s my official start to the new season, I’m off to to bring some fall into our lives.

When do you start decorating for the fall?

Until next time…


PS. Just announced this August – Pantone’s newest color addition…Love Symbol #2 – a lovely shade of purple in honor of Prince. Go here to check it out. Gorgeous, non?









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2 thoughts on “Purple…It’s Back and I’m So Glad

  1. I have been a fan of purple my entire life. The color scheme in our living/dining rooms in our last house was plum, and I just did our master bedroom in shades of plum as well. That’s so cute that you had a purple car in college! And I am wild about that new Pantone hue. Anything related to Prince has got to be good, right? 😉

    • Julie, I’ve had some variation of purple in my surroundings all of my life – ever since I had a say in color decisions – lol. Seems like I know lots of folks that are fans of purple too. Glad you are one of them!