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It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you are hosting a get-together. What do you serve? I have just the thing for you. How about a charcuterie and cheese board? Serving a simple meat and cheese platter has been on my radar for a couple of years now, but after our visit to France, I just have to do it this year.

In France, a Charcuterie is a shop that sells sausages, meats and prepared dishes, ready to take away. They are similar to our delicatessens. Charcuterie boards are also popular on French menus. If you order one you will be served a variety of meats, cheeses, pates and fruits along with their “to-die-for” baguettes. The French buy fresh baguettes daily from their neighborhood boulangerie. It’s not uncommon to find people carrying those long loaves down the street, barehanded. There’s nothing quite like a fresh baguette!

I’m not hosting the Thanksgiving feast this year, that assignment has been passed on to my oldest daughter and her family. My grandson is going to culinary school, so it’s perfect. Since not everyone will be able to join us on Thursday, we will host an additional get-together on Friday as well. This year I’m doing a simple Charcuterie board. Also, for those who want a little more hearty fare, I’ll be making a pot of chili & salad. The family tends to dribble in according to what they have going that day – some like to sleep in and some love Black Friday shopping, so this is a perfect menu.

Our family tends to go for simple and straightforward meats and cheeses, but some boards you will find can get pretty elaborate. Kiylie over at Cooking With Cocktail Rings has excellent suggestions here.


 Charlotte from Seven Layer Charlotte has another version along with ingredient suggestions here.


Whatever you choose, there’s no cooking involved, just a little bit of chopping, then styling everything on your selected trays Simple, simple. This might just be what you need for a quick and easy spread for your holiday entertaining.

Have a great Holiday and see you on the other side of the weekend.

Until next time…



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