Mad For a Plaid Christmas

It’s almost that time of year again, time to get serious about our holiday decor. I’m still involved in putting the finishing touches on Thanksgiving (or the day after in my case), I’ve been seeing lots of Christmas idea on my social media feeds for awhile now, but somehow I just can’t get into the spirit until after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time!  But just in case you’re needing some inspiration for the Christmas Season, this might just be the kick start you’ve been looking for. Last week as I was passing by Pottery Barn’s window, I was met with a sea of plaid. Have you noticed it too? It was definitely a showstopper for me. I’m kicking myself for not snapping a pic, but my hands were full, and I just didn’t take the opportunity. Darn!

Below are a couple of vignettes from their website, in lieu of those pics.



Pier1 has their version of plaid as well.

When the kids were small I decorated with the traditional red and green plaid, but the kids are grown, our decor has changed, and those nostalgic decorations are now put away in a box of memories. I do, however, love to browse the blogs or social media and appreciate a well put together space designed in those traditional colors. I like just a touch of plaid…not overwhelming. I think it makes a bigger impact.

Doesn’t this look cozy? You can find the whole room here.

I love this take on traditional Christmas theme. Just a touch of vintage or color can go a long way. This is more my color aesthetic. We often get nostalgic this time of year, at least I do. Are you like me? ..

Craftberry Bush, a favorite blog of mine, had this to offer. You have to take a look, there’s a lot more on her site.

This doesn’t involve plaid, but I love the crisp red and white I found on the Crate and Barrel website..

So there you have it, a little early Christmas inspiration, it just might help you when planning and shopping for this year’s version of your Holiday home. I’m still enjoying fall and all that comes with that season. As I’ve said, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. So I’m taking advantage of this time as long as I can.

Until next time….


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2 thoughts on “Mad For a Plaid Christmas

  1. I really love that last Crate and Barrel look! Personally, I’m more of a Fall plaid person and don’t do Christmas decor in reds and greens. I, like you, always wait to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. This year, we aren’t hosting dinner, though, so the tree might come out a few hours ahead of schedule 😉

    • Julie, I’m totally with you. Ive evolved to a more neutral palette for Christmas, but I love the crisp look of the red and white. I’m not hosting Thanksgiving either, but I’m having everyone over for the day after. My decorating will be waiting for me on Sunday.

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