Holiday Decorations, Winter Decorations, or Both

For the second year in a row I’ve decided to decorate for winter rather than explicitly for The Holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, all of its holiday cheer, and special decor. But as I start to see retail rolling out its Christmas decorations well before Halloween, I’m frankiy a little over it by the time December first comes around. Soooo, I’ve opted to decorate for the season of winter rather than specifically for The Holidays. It just makes more sense to me, at least this year.

I used a natural mountain woods theme with lots of pinecones and feathers.

As you can see in the background we do have a tree, although I decided not to hang any ornaments this year. We will have our Old English Bulldogge  grand-puppy visiting…he loves to chew up anything and everything. I had visions of him eating a few glass balls from the tree, so I ringed the tree in ribbons instead. I got them on sale at Target from their Magnolia Home line, With all the Fixer Upper mania happening, I just couldn’t resist a nod to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Besides…I liked the pattern.

A couple yards of flannel that I was able to pick up on sale at JoAnn’s was all that I needed to create an instant tree skirt. It adds to the black and white theme, and…I will be able to repurpose the yardage as blanket scarves after the holidays.

Our Asian chest in the entry got just a little hint of winter with that lantern, birch bark, and pinecones. The chenille stocking that I made years ago adds just a little festive holiday touch, don’t you think?

 I kept the mantle simple this year, reusing the metal wreath and galvanized tray that I’ve had for years. I use that wreath a lot, so much in fact, that one of the votive holders has broken, and I can’t find a replacement. A creative substitute was found, however. The long feathers that I picked up a couple of years ago in a Tahoe boutique, are actually made from thin pieces of balsa wood and painted gold. A repetition of the pheasant feather tree topper,  I’ve added them throughout the house in various arrangements this year.


The white reindeer and soft tree also make the winter themed cut this year.

Isn’t this little white tree the cutest? #seasonsgreetings #holiday #whitechristmas #decorating #holidaydecor

I might not opt to decorate for winter instead of Christmas every year, but this year it just felt right. There are some definite advantages. With just a suggestion of Christmas (the tree and chenille stocking), our holiday decor was easy to put together and will be a snap to disassemble and put away on New Year’s day. But the best advantages in my book…after a few tweaks, our space is already decorated for the next few months.

Until next time…


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2 thoughts on “Holiday Decorations, Winter Decorations, or Both

  1. Your winter-themed decorations are brilliant! When all of the rest of us are grumbling about dismantling Christmas, you’ll be sipping coffee and relaxing! Also, that chest is fantastic!

    • Thank you Julie. That chest is from my husband’s mom. It is really cool. Knowing me, I’ll still be messing around with the remaining decorations after the tree comes down. I just can’t seem to leave stuff alone! But…it will be a lot easier (the mister will be glad since he has to get things down from the high shelves in the garage).

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