Inspiration From A Designer – Alison Kandler

Meet Allison Kandler. She’s a talented designer who is not afraid to infuse lots of VIBRANT color into her spaces.

 This kitchen design is one of my favorites.  Doesn’t it just make you smile? Once more, if you tire of those pops of color, it would be so easy to switch out those vibrant dishes with white, black or another color.

Here’s another kitchen design that caught my eye. Imagine walking into this sunny space everyday. It would brighten your mood don’t you think?

White walls become the backdrop for this bold color combination.

It’s no secret that purple is my favorite color, so this living room speaks to my heart. I’m so glad that Ultra Violet is Panetone’s color for 2018, and  I’m sure we’re going to see more purple in the months to come -yay.

That colorful rug would allow for future colors of the year to be featured by simply replacing a few pillows and throws.

I think Allison is on to something…use neutral dolors as backgrounds then add pops of color, whether wild and bold, or more muted. It’s a recipe that is easily adapted to many interiors, no matter what the style. The whole space can be  easily changed to take on a new vibe depending upon the season or mood. If you find this intriguing, take a look at Allison Kandler’s webpage and peruse more of her creative projects, I know you’ll be as inspired as I am.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration From A Designer – Alison Kandler

  1. I love these bursts of bright colors! Also, purple is one of my favorites, too, so I am as excited about Pantone’s choice as you are. Adding some happy color to our home has been a goal of mine for a while, and these photos are inspiring me to step it up even more!