New Discoveries – Soy Candles

I’m seriously in love with this candle. I’m a huge fan of scented candles and burn them constantly, especially during the cold winter months.

Lately I’ve been using soy candles instead of those made from paraffin. Why? Several reasons…

  1. Natural: Soy candles are made from soy products (much like vegetable oil). Many use products that are grown here in the US. Wax candles, however, are made from paraffin – a petroleum product.
  2. Stronger Scent: Most are scented using essential oils instead of chemicals that are used to scent wax candles.
  3. Longer Burning: Because they burn at a lower melting point, they last so much longer – 30%-50% longer as a matter of fact. They do cost more, but since they last longer they are more cost effective.
  4. Burn Evenly & cleanly: There is hardly any excess wax left on the jar, and there’s no black sooty residue
  5. Non-toxic: they release no carcinogens and toxins – a plus in my book.
  6. Eco friendly: Easy cleanup – soap and water – most of us have stories of scraping wax off precious furniture or the oily residue that can ruin surfaces. Did I mention that they are biodegradable too?

This happens to be a pine scented candle that is perfect for the cold  winter months.

January is dedicated to cleaning out and organizing at our house, so I’ve done some serious editing of my wax candles. Since I love having candles burning, I’ll be replacing them with soy versions where I can. Are you a fan of soy candles?

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