Scandinavian Design – Bring A Little Into Your Life

January is the perfect time to bring a little Scandinavian design philosophy into our homes.

I recently commented that the Scandinavians are to design as French women are to fashion. There’s just something about their purposeful placement of accessories, their simple but straightforward furnishings and clutter free environments that I seem to hunger for this time of year. After the decoration overload and excesses of the holiday season, cleaning out and paring down just seems right. I’m in the midst of deep cleaning, and seriously editing our belongings. The Mister is all for it let me tell you – he has long railed against all of my decorative accents strewn across tables, counters and shelves. So it’s my mission this year to purge, purge, purge.

I seriously love the dark metal framing the glass separating this space. Source

There are many elements that go into that iconic design from our neighbors to the north, but for today I’d like to focus on just a couple of them that make Scandinavian design so pleasing, at least to me.


Clutter Free Environments: First and foremost in my book. When I look at a Scandinavian designed room I’m always so impressed at the lack of extraneous “stuff.”  Storage is creatively utilized, and furniture is practical and purposeful. “Form follows function’ seems to be the mantra for furniture design. Simple streamlined forms often reflective of Mid-Century Modern furniture. Rustic natural elements punch up the space that reminds me of the recent industrial movement. There is a ‘less is more’ attitude to the room. Honest is an adjective that comes to mind.

Don’t you just want to curl up and read here? Source

There aren’t a lot of decorator accessories, just a few well placed items – often unique art pieces.


Living elements are integral to the space. Plants & fresh flowers bring life into those homes that see long cold winters.


Architectural Elements are natural and straight forward. Again, simplicity is key. Light neutral colors reflect the light that streams in from untreated windows.


Floors are often left  bare. They are either left natural or painted white. This helps reflect that all important light. Natural instinct might suggest that these spaces would seem cold and without personality, but as you can see, they are anything but…


Texture, texture, texture. There’s always lots of warm and cozy textiles that add warmth and textural interest



In Mel’s column written for Decor8, she outlines a few key components of Scandinavian style. It’s a must read. If you’re a fan of Scandinavian design or just want to see more inspirational rooms, here are a few great blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow. Styled Canvas,The Design Chaser, Dom_za_mene, My Scandinavian Home, Decor8

There are so many more. Do you have a favorite interior website/blog? I’d love to know.

Until next time…


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2 thoughts on “Scandinavian Design – Bring A Little Into Your Life

  1. So many of us feel the urge to purge after the holidays. I agree that Scandinavian Design is a perfect influence for accomplishing the form follows function theory. A minimal design aesthetic is appealing to me, as busy interiors are more work to maintain (cleaning is not my idea of fun, haha.) I do enjoy interjecting some bold color to lend personality. Here’s to cleaning out those closets in February!!

    • Julie, I’m still cleaning – tomorrow the garage – ugh!!! I will be infusing some color in the spring – probably should do it in mid winter when it’s so dreary, right? I just got my the new Pottery Barn catalog and see lots of flowers in light spring colors. Yay.

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