Are We Finally Over Rustic and Farmhouse Styles?

You have to have been living under a rock not to notice the rustic and farmhouse interior styles. It’s been everywhere. I haven’t been able to walk into an interior store without bumping into rusted buckets, chickenwire baskets and weathered Continue reading Are We Finally Over Rustic and Farmhouse Styles?

Strolling Down the Esplanade – A Special Tour

Let me introduce you to The Esplanade, a special street in our town. It’s an idyllic tree lined avenue that leads to the heart and soul of our city that includes the city center and the university. It’s quaint and Continue reading Strolling Down the Esplanade – A Special Tour

Inside Taliesin West

The interior spaces of Taliesin West are just as stunning as those fabulous exteriors that you might have seen in my last post. The famous Frank Lloyd Wright left nothing to chance, but instead applied his genius to everything down Continue reading Inside Taliesin West

Taliesin West

If you’ve been following my Instagram lately you might have noticed that we visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s western home and architectural design school – Taliesin West.  I thought I knew a lot about the great architect. I’ve been a fan Continue reading Taliesin West

The Grey

Savannah, Georgia stole my heart when we visited her a few years ago. The fountains, the gorgeous homes, the Spanish moss laden trees lining those famous squares, the waterfront, the design college there SCAD…I could go on and on. I want Continue reading The Grey

Eichler Neighborhoods

It’s no secret that I’m in love with atriums and the open floorplan made popular by Joseph Eichler; over the years I’ve written about them here and here. Do you know about this architectural movement? Actually Eichler was a real Continue reading Eichler Neighborhoods

Modernism in Palm Springs

During our recent trip to the southern climes, we stopped overnight in Palm Springs. I’ve always wanted to attend Modernism Week held each year in February.  Tours of homes not often offered for public viewing, garden tours, lectures, fashion, classic Continue reading Modernism in Palm Springs

Mountain Architecture

 We spent the weekend in Tahoe so I got a healthy dose of mountain air.  As many of you may know, I was raised in the mountains – it’s my happy place. I just love the the architecture there.  It’s special Continue reading Mountain Architecture

Dream Home

If I could start from scratch and build my dream home, it would be a composite of a Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian House and and Eichler. While Frank Lloyd Wright was building large Prairie homes for the wealthy he also Continue reading Dream Home

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