What I’m Reading – Getting Ready for France

There’s no shortage of books written about Paris, and I’ve been reading my fair share of them, since we are preparing for a three week trip there. Actually, we’ll be in Paris for seven days, and the spending the rest Continue reading What I’m Reading – Getting Ready for France

Fabulous Finds

I happened upon the cutest little shop last weekend. It opened only two weeks ago, and already it was crowded with shoppers. All the vignettes were styled to perfection, inviting you deeper into the store and begging you to stop Continue reading Fabulous Finds

French Inspiration

There is something about this room that calls to me Is it the white walls, so clean and fresh? The hide rug, so unexpected? The 50’s style furnishings? (That table is so cute!)  Actually, my favorite part of this room Continue reading French Inspiration

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