A New Sofa – A New Look

We got a new sofa and I’m beyond excited. It is absolutely wonderful, exactly what I had envisioned. I had been unhappy with our living room furniture and arrangement for quite some time now. Fifteen years and several furniture pieces Continue reading A New Sofa – A New Look

10 Tips on Styling Those Accessories

Today I want to explore the art of styling a home.  You know, arranging all of the tchotchkes we have.  Some of us just have an eye for what looks good together and instantly know where to place the stuff Continue reading 10 Tips on Styling Those Accessories

Interior Styling – Warm Up the Room

Oh what a room!  Four chairs are grouped together instead of the classic sofa-loveseat or sofa-chair combinations.  Charcoal cabinetry flank the fireplace – don’t you love the door design?  The three vases are asymmetrically placed in front of that colorful Continue reading Interior Styling – Warm Up the Room

Styling Outdoors

Since it’s the middle of summer and many of us are consumed with outdoor living, I decided to look at the art of placing plants and other accessories in an outside space.  First, when using like items – an odd Continue reading Styling Outdoors

Styling Vignettes

Vignettes are those curated spots in your home, whether its a corner of the room or a tabletop, where you assemble finds and accessories that make your home your own.  Do they need to follow design rules?   Absolutely.  But Continue reading Styling Vignettes

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