Organizing – Bullet Journals

Bullet journals have been trending lately. Have you caught the fever? I keep a “bullet journal” of sorts. Are you familiar with them? They are an organizing tool that you can personalize to suit your needs. Search Pinterest or just Continue reading Organizing – Bullet Journals

Jeans After 50 – Do We Dare Wear Them?

Have you seen the articles about not wearing jeans over the age of 50? Are you kidding me???? Apparently there’s a recent British study that claims that those over the age of 52 should skip the jeans. What??? SusanAfter60 blogged about Continue reading Jeans After 50 – Do We Dare Wear Them?

The Color of My Wardrobe

A friend and I were shopping recently, when she mentioned that she thought I should put more color into my wardrobe. Hmmm. That just doesn’t seem to be me. In the past, I’ve tried to buy colorful clothing, but it Continue reading The Color of My Wardrobe

Friday Focus

Happy Friday I’m starting a new column – Friday Focus – where I will feature something I found during the week that I thought interesting.  It could be home related, but not necessarily…it might be a quote, a new recipe, Continue reading Friday Focus

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