A New Sofa – A New Look

We got a new sofa and I’m beyond excited. It is absolutely wonderful, exactly what I had envisioned. I had been unhappy with our living room furniture and arrangement for quite some time now. Fifteen years and several furniture pieces Continue reading A New Sofa – A New Look

Back to Tufting

I’m crazy for these sofas!  Tufting has been becoming increasingly popular, but I love this twist on the trend. So sleek, tailored and contemporary from the front, yet with a modern ‘victorian’ flair from the back.  You would definitely want Continue reading Back to Tufting

Sofa or Chair 2

Last week I wrote about substituting chairs for a sofa… here are some other examples  What do you think?   Soo….could you replace a sofa with a set of chairs? Images:  Houzz, Pinterest

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