Our focus is to guide you in reinventing your space to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We assist you in recreating the space you have, using your existing furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories, giving it that pulled together designer look without spending a lot of money. Your environment will suddenly become transformed – balanced, functional and unified. Our makeovers take your environment from ordinary to extraordinary.

We adhere to the philosophy of “using what you own first,” and in this economy, that makes a lot of sense. We feel that one should feature furniture and accessories that you love first and foremost, then add to these as your budget allows. Throughout the process, we will be giving you suggestions and ideas to use your existing possessions in creative ways, allowing for your home to reflect your style and personality while giving it that “designer” look.

We are available for simple consultations, one day makeovers or more extensive design assistance. Your wish is our command to help you make decorating magic happen in your homes.

Consultations: During this phase, we will discuss your decorating dilemmas, and explore specific practical and aesthetic requirements that will help you to reinvent your space – taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

One-day Makeovers: After the initial consultation, you can schedule a redesign appointment. You may choose to leave your space to us while the transformation takes place, or be part of the process – “tricks of the trade” are happily shared.

Shopping: If you would like our expertise and guidance when making purchases for your new space, we will be glad to accompany you on shopping excursions.

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